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Room 745

Welcome to Room 745, the fully portable escape game that’s been tried and loved by over 1000 players. Don’t be fooled by Room 745’s small size. In the game’s two impeccably designed vintage suitcases your customers will be delighted to find all the fun and function of a full-size escape room.

Room 745 was created by experienced escape room owners and award-winning escape room designers. Room 745’s flawless design, challenging puzzles, and engaging murder-mystery theme have been a hit with groups from 20-300 people. It has been played in locations everywhere from team-building events and conferences to college campuses.

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How it works

How it works

A Pop-Up Escape Event in 5 Easy Steps.

1 Bring the game to your customer’s location. Room 745 comes in two suitcases and takes up less than 3ft2. The trunk of an average car will comfortably fit 3-4 Room 745 sets.

2 Set up. You will need a large table for each Room 745 set and, that’s it. Room 745 comes with everything else that you and your players will need.

3 Split your players into groups. Room 745 is suitable for groups of 5-10 players. If you have multiple Room 745 sets, you can run more than one group at a time. We recommend one game master for every two Room 745 sets.

4 GAME ON! Recommended game time is 60 minutes.

5 Reset. Room 745 takes 15 minutes to reset. A single Room 745 game can easily accommodate 70-90 players in a day.

Sound Easy? It is. Why not check out our prices or contact us for more information.

About Us

About Us

Room 745 is the brainchild of award-winning escape room designers of Escape Games NYC. The company has been running on-site escape games in Tribeca, New York from 2015. In this time, they have become well known for their mind-bending puzzles, imaginative storylines, and slick designs.

Our team created Room 745 as a way to help escape room owners attract new customers and cater to the lucrative large events market. Last year we ran Room 745 for over 1000 players at events of up to 300 people. Many players loved the game so much that after their session they booked an on-site escape experience.

Who played our games:

“They took escape room-style gameplay, focused it on deduction, and packed it into 2 portable trunks. The gameflow worked pretty well and engaged the group.” Room Escape Artis
“This would be fantastic for large groups.” Room Escape Artis
“Given that this game is primarily a corporate team building activity, all of our teammates felt that this would be a good game to play with their respective companies” Room Escape Artis
“Given that this game is primarily a corporate team building activity, all of our teammates felt that this would be a good game to play with their respective companies” Room Escape Artis
Prices and Specs

Prices and Specs

1 - 2 sets
10-20 players per round.
40-80 players per event.
3 - 4 sets
30-40 players per round.
90-120 players per event.
5+ sets
50+ players per round.
150+ players per event.

Additional shipping costs apply, usual delivery time: 1 – 2 weeks.

Per event rate is based on a 6-hour event with staggered start times and a 15-minute reset per set. We recommend one game master per two sets.

What is included:

The Game: Two suitcases that arrive ready-to-play with all puzzles included.

The Game Kit: Charging cables, a printable backup file for each paper clue and, item replacement information.

Game Master Guide: Storyline, game flow chart, inventory and reset instructions.

Game Owner Guide: Marketing materials and pricing guidelines.

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Who is it for?Room 745 is for escape room owners wanting to grow their business. Room 745 caters to a wider area and larger number of people than a traditional escape room.

Player numberThere is a maximum of 10 players per set. We recommend a minimum of 5. You can cater to large groups by running multiple sets and multiple sessions. Our record is a 160-person event within 2.5 hours for which we used 8 sets and five game masters.

Difficulty The puzzles are designed to be challenging. We recommend players be aged 14+. The success rate is around 20% without clues.

Reset timeYou can comfortably reset the game in 15 minutes. We recommend 1-2 practice resets before running the game with your customers.

TransportRoom 745 is easy to transport. One set weighs 22lbs and takes up less than 3ft2. The trunk of a regular sized car would comfortably fit 3-4 sets. If you are taking multiple sets, we recommend a hand trolley to move the games.

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